London : Rain, Melancholy and Clouds… But not only…

Salut les frenchies,

Fière diplômée d’un bac ES, j’ai intégré, la rentrée dernière, le cursus londonien de l’université Dauphine-Paris (le GBD). L’acclimatation pour moi, Fanny Gavelle, ou Fann pour les anglais (la signification de mon prénom laisse à désirer dans la langue de Shakespeare), est une étape houleuse et loin d’être terminée.

Fraîchement arrivée dans la capitale des buveurs de thé (et de pintes), mon quotidien se résume à prendre des bus rouges et à me protéger de la pluie, mais pas seulement…

… This is my story


Fann Gavelle

If you ask someone what’s the first thing that comes to his mind when you talk about London, a lot of people will answer : Rain. Actually, since I have moved here, the bad weather hasn’t struck me that much; I even think that it’s pretty nice! I remember when I came to London with my family two years ago. It was summer, so I was expecting nice weather but just not so hot ! It was literally scorching ! I remember everything seeming so bright, with the sun beating down on the windows of the skyscrapers. They looked like stars that were twinkling.


For me, the weather dramatically changes the perception of London. It allows you to see another layer of the city, rare enough to be appreciated correctly. Sometimes the layer that you see everyday is literally washed out by the rain, this very annoying rain that looks more like spittle. Rain with which you never know if you have to use your umbrella or not. You finally end up not using it when you actually should have. I think this rain brought by dark and heavy clouds brings a kind of melancholy to the city. It’s like you’re in an old black and white movie. You see dirty faces of buildings that you hadn’t noticed before. The rain is pouring in the streets and the black cabs, usually so folk, seem morose. People bury their heads in their coats, they run home and the streets become empty. The city is trapped in a thick cloud, and so is your head.

Though, later, the sun comes back and it all becomes joyful again. I remember this Sunday morning, when, with my two roommates, we decided to go to the Borough Market. It was genuinely beautiful. A ray of sunshine was lighting the place up, everything was so colourful and everyone seemed very happy. We then decided to go for a walk along the Thames and the river looked like a mirror. People were playing a different kind of music every 50 metres, people were dancing and laughing, kids were running around. London was just a giant amusement park.

        Another time when the weather attracted my attention, was the night of Halloween. I was home studying (thanks to mid-terms) and went on my terrace to smoke a cigarette. After a few minutes, my head being still stuck in a maths problem, I suddenly realised that there was fog over London, or at least over Kennington (maybe we have a micro-climate?). The way the schedule falls was a pretty pleasant coincidence. But, this weather made me feel uncomfortable. Everything looked scarier. The building next to my house, that already looks creepy when the sun is high in the sky, was spooky. We couldn’t see the end of the tower clearly and I felt like I was playing an extra at the beginning of a horror movie. I strongly believe that zombies were ready to pop out from any direction. Hence, now I’m just waiting for the snow, to see which new perceptions I will get of London.